Alpamin and Alprofos

After years of tests, a team composed of nutritionists, veterinarians and breeders of alpacas have developed a version of Alpamin available today which is a supplement containing high-quality vitamins and minerals balanced so as to meet the specific nutritional requirements of alpacas bred in Europe. For 5 years, Alpamin is used as a supplement for small camelids by breeders in most Western European countries.

Alpamin is a completely balanced vitamin-mineral supplement for alpacas and llamas.

Alpamin supports quality hair cover, fertility, vitality and resilience in your alpacas. They are tasty granules which should be administered only as a supplement to high-quality fresh grass and hay that must be available without limit to alpaca to ensure a balanced diet. Alpamin does not provide energy.

However, in the winter (insufficient amount of protein in the hay) and for pregnant alpacas, nursing or growing youngsters, it is recommended to use an additional protein supplement such as Alprofos.

Advantages of Alpamin

A high dose of vitamin D3, necessary for proper bone development and regulation of calcium to phosphorus ratio. This helps prevent common problems such as rickets. It contains a special form of coated vitamin D3. A special coating protects vitamin D3 from the heat generated during the production process not damaging it.

Len, as a source of fatty acids, Omega 3 has a beneficial effect on the quality of fur giving it a healthy glowing  appearance. Necessary to be a champion at exhibition!

High levels of bioavailable zinc – essential for healthy skin, prevents skin inflammation resulting from a deficiency of zinc. To achieve the highest degree of absorption of zinc, it uses organic form of chelate. Zinc also supports the fight against inflammation of the skin caused by parasites such as Scabies.

High levels of biotin supports the state of the coat.

The correct proportions of other bioavailable trace elements such as selenium and copper support the fertility and the immune system.

The correct proportions of calcium and phosphorus have a positive effect on the growth and production of healthy bone tissue.

The pellets are small so that the cria may begin to eat them early in life.

Alpamin uses the latest technology in animal nutrition. They use only high quality forms of vitamins and minerals to ensure their optimal absorption in the gastrointestinal tract.

Alpamin uses the latest technological achievements in the field of animal nutrition. The most valuable of these is the use of chelates.

Minerals are absorbed from the intestinal tract through a type of “gate”. Sometimes different types of minerals choose the same gate. As a result, the door can not “swallow” too large a variety of minerals. That is why many of them are excreted in the feces. Different minerals compete to be absorbed. The solution to this problem is the use of chelates. Chelated minerals are combined with a kind of “carrier” – organic chelator.

Alpamin uses the latest and most bioavailable chelated minerals of zinc and selenium.

Method of using Alpamin

To ensure your alpaca has the optimal levels of vitamins and minerals, follow the same dose of Alpamin throughout the year.

1 gram per kilogram of body weight per day.

The average adult alpaca who weighs 60 kg is given 60 grams Alpamin daily.

When feeding the herd and to be certain that the more docile animals also receive their dose, it can be increased by 25%.

System Alpamin – Alprofos

Alprofos is a protein supplement in the form of fine granules with an optimal ratio of calcium and phosphorus.

Alprofos should be mixed with Alpamin at a ratio of 0-4 units per 1 unit Alprofos to Alpamin depending on the needs at that moment.

In addition to providing alpacas all year constant levels of vitamins and minerals, it is necessary to adapt the level of protein in the diet to the physiological condition of the animal. Changing protein needs are the result of several factors such as ambient temperature, pregnancy, feeding, growth condition of the animal, the quality of grass and hay.

Feeding systems based on only one supplement delivering vitamins and minerals and proteins are not perfect. The problem is that if we want to increase protein intake at the same time you increase the supply of vitamins and minerals.

Therefore, experts recommend separating the supplementation of vitamin-mineral-protein. As a result, protein intake may be adjusted independently.

Alpamin and Alprofos are free from genetically modified plants and their underlying component (carrier) is alfalfa (while maintaining the proper ratio of calcium and phosphorus).

Alpa-Grass high quality grass and herbal mix for alpacas – new

In recent years and because of severe drought in many regions of Poland and Europe, it is difficult to collect good for alpacas.

For alpacas, it’s important that the hay is tender and soft, so it’s best to collect it when it’s not very ripe. For this reason, they began to look for a way to obtain high-quality suitable feed constantly available.

Thanks to the artificial drying of a delicate grass and herb mix, a very good product has been developed and tested: Alpa-Grass.

Alpa-Grass is a short cut, tasty, dry mixture of grasses and herbs.
It can be used as an addition to hay, and even as a complete hay substitute.
The composition of Alpa-Grass is very suitable for pregnant females, cria and growing animals.
Due to the delicate structure of cria, they can start eating it very early. This helps in the development of the first stomach (C1) and thus supports the development of cria.
Added herbs and linseed support the intestinal function. Esparceta and chicory help create an intestinal environment that is unfavorable to intestinal parasites.
Alpa-Grass has a constant protein level of 12%, low sugar content and an ideal ratio of calcium to phosphorus Ca / P.
Alpa-Grass has a very low level of lignin, which causes very high digestibility of the product.

FosfoBeet – new

FosfoBeet is unmolassed high-quality beet pulp enriched with phosphorus. Using a unique production method, phosphorus has been added to the beet pulp. The result is a high-energy roughage with an optimal calcium-phosphorus ratio.

The real source of energy in beet pulp is easily digestible fiber pectin, which is evenly and easily digested by gastric bacteria.

From the energy point of view, FosfoBeet is concentrated fodder, while from the point of view of the rumen it is roughage.

FosfoBeet does not contain starch and contains little sugar, thus eliminating the risk of rapid fermentation, acidification and imbalance of the stomach flora.

It is indicated for pregnant and lactating females growing cria. It is perfect for elderly or sick animals in need of extra energy.

Enriched with phosphorus beet pulp also helps ensure proper bone development in growing cria and easier for animals to reach sexual maturity.


maximum 8 g of dry phosphorus per 1 kg of alpaca body weight, i.e. for an adult alpaca maximum 600 grams.

Always serve FosfoBeet soaked, pouring 1l of dry product, 2-3l of water for 2-3 hours before serving.

Alpamin and Alprofos have a consistent supply for sale.

Produkt Waga Cenna
Alpamin 20 kg 160 zł
Alprofos 20 kg 110 zł
Alpa-Grass 15 kg 105 zł


20 kg 98 zł

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