Horse riding


 – learning the basics to rides in the field

We teach everything from taking from the paddock to walking out into the paddock.

Choice of equipment, putting on a halter, running, tying, approaching a horse, choosing brushes and cleaning, saddling, bridging, getting on, riding lessons in the saddle, bareback, dismounting, loosening, etc.

Initially, the rides take place on a lunge and continue until the right balance is reached.

We teach how to move, stop, turn, trot, angle, ride a half-seat, full seat, gallop and all that is needed for a novice rider.

During rides, poles, cavaletti and low obstacles, cones, hula hoops and others are used.

-guided tours on the horse

For the youngest we offer guided tours on calm and balanced ponies, at the riding school or in the picturesque area surrounding the stables.

-equestrian vaulting

Riding without a saddle, with a voltaic belt can be an amazing experience for a child, especially if you dare to do your first exercises while standing or walking.

– taking care of horse from the ground

The first attempts to properly lead a horse, catching and removing a horse from the pasture together, tying, cleaning, feeding, rules of safe behavior next to the horse.



– classes for advanced riders

Regular exercise is the source of success. Advanced people are invited to lessons on improving the seat, voltaiser, dressage exercises, jumps, terrain and preparation for riding badge exam.

– advanced work from the ground

Natural methods, using the clicker in practice.

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