Our Alpacas

Our Alpacas

At the Coniraya Farm we have been breeding Huacaya alpacas since 2013.

From the very beginning, we focused on the quality of alpacas, hence the first group of animals that came to us was of premium quality.

We have brought these unique animals to us from all over the world – in our herd you will meet alpacas from Chile, Switzerland, Germany or the USA.

In addition to beautiful females and handsome males, we can also boast of their wonderful offspring! More than 80 cria were born on our farm.

We are constantly improving alpaca breeding using my knowledge supplemented by courses and internships in Austria, Germany, Norway, Great Britain, Chile, Peru and the USA.

Knowledge, numerous trips and cooperation with breeders from all over the world allows us to breed at a good European level.

Every year new outstanding females and males are added to the herd. In 2020, FDA BT Wanted Man’s Bounty Hunter joined us, Xanadu Peruvian Calvados in February 2021, and FDA Leviathan’s Super Star Struck will arrive soon.

Thanks to cooperation with German breeders, our herd also includes the offspring of European champions.

My great passion is veterinary medicine and alpaca fiber, so I constantly deepen my knowledge.

After all, getting to know alpacas never ends.

Joanna Najbar

Sieborowice, 23.02.2021

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