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Xanadu Kachina

Born 2 May 2019, USA

Father: Snowmass Loro Piana

Mother: VAC’s Velvet Espresso (daughter Beethoven’s Dorian)

Color: Medium Fawn

Genetic lineage: Peru -USA


Xanadu Kachina Snowmass Loro Piana (White) Snowmass Best Man (White) Snowmass Quechua (White) 6Peruvian Accoyo Elite 5057 IMPR98 (White)
Snowmass Maree Love (White)
Snowmass Wedding Pacabells (White) Peruvian Don Julio G159 (White)
Ppperuvian Pachelbel 4643 (White)
Snowmass Iced Elegance (White) Snowmass Sub-Zero (White) 6Peruvian Monarch IMPR98 (White)
Peruvian Andean Song (White)
Snowmass Iced Orchid (White) Snowmass Invincible (White)
Snowmass Ice Dreams (White)
VAC’s Velvet Espresso (Medium Brown) Beethoven’s Dorian (Dark Fawn) NM Beethoven (Light Brown) Jedi Knight (White)
FK Nevada (True Black)
AEA Delaney (Medium Fawn) Snowmass Cangalli Gold (Light Fawn)
AML Oriana (Light Fawn)
MFI Dancing Girl’s Delight (Medium Brown) MFI Peruvian Donovan (Dark Fawn) Ppperuvian Augusto 6009 (White)
5Peruvian Durazna 8553 (Dark Fawn)
Dancing Girl de Camana (Medium Brown) NN
Camana’s Tiny Dancer (Dark/Medium Fawn)



2 place, Full fleece Huacaya Medium Fawn Female Juvenile, Halter, A-OK Alpaca Blast Off

1 place, Full Fleece Huacaya Dark Fawn Female Juvenile, Halter, ABR Fall Festival Alpaca Show


1 place, Full Fleece Huacaya Medium Fawn Female Juvenile, Halter, TXOLAN Alpaca Spectacular

1 place, Full Fleece Huacaya Fawn Female Juvenile, Halter, TXOLAN Bluebonnet Stakes

Xanadu Kachina is the longed-for medium fawn daughter of Snomass Loro Piana and Velvet Espresso.

Loro Piana combines the features of such males as Hemingway, Peruvian Don Julio, Caligula, Legacy and Accoyo Elite and finally Snowmass Quechua.

One week before the end of the ninth month, the Snowmass Loro Piana histogram showing the smallest average hair diameter known of 10.8 μm and a standard deviation of 2.8.

Lynn Edens said of him, “Loro Piana is the first in our long term breeding program to have a finer fiber than Wikunia. Our goal to breed animals with strong ribbing, very fine hair, shine and high fleece growth has been achieved in this remarkable male. He is our greatest achievement in the Ultra Royal Alpaca breeding ”.

VAC’s Velvet Espresso is an excellent female daughter of Beethoven’s Dorian multichampion.

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