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Xanadu Peruvian Twice As Haute

on the way from USA

Born 10 June 2017, USA

Father: Xanadu P Aristide

Mother: Xanadu P Haven One (daughter DVR Augusto’s Magnum)

Color: White

Genetic lineage: Peru


Xanadu Peruvian Twice As Haute Xanadu P Aristide (Beige) Eastwind’s Snowstorm (White) Snowmass Messiah (White) Peruvian Snowmaster (White)
Snowmass Peruvian Melody (White)
NWA, LTD Juliana (White) Ppperuvian El Moustachio 6003 (White)
Pperuvian Lizbeth B4261 (Medium Fawn)
Xanadu P. Au Courant (White) Maple Brook Barnabus (Beige) MFI Peruvian Wellington FO70 (White)
Pperuvian Cleopatra B4316 (White)
Xanadu P Donno Bello (White) Peruvian Presidio (White / Medium Fawn)
Snowmass Escobar’s Sonata (White)
Xanadu P Haven One (Light Fawn) DVR Augusto’s Magnum (Medium Fawn) Ppperuvian Augusto 6009 (White) NN
6Peruvian Macarena 6506 (Light Beige) NN
DVR Peruvian Lacie (Beige) Catch-A-Romeo (White) Peruvian Presidio (White/Medium Fawn)
Xanadu P. Roxanne (White/Medium Fawn)
Lola Belle (White) 6Peruvian Royal Gold 5002 (Light Fawn)
SA Peruvian Magic’s Lydia (Light Fawn)

Twice is a perfect copy of Aristide. A unique female with an exceptionally dense fleece, beautiful structure and gloss.



2nd place in a very large class  GWAS

1st place ABR Fall Festival Alpaca Show


1st place Full Fleece Huacaya Light Female Yearling Bred and Owned ABR Fall Festival Alpaca Show

2nd place Full Fleece Huacaya White Female Juvenile Great Western Alpaca Show

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