Ideal quilt is one that is fluffy, soft and light – just like alpaca wool! We sleep an average of 25 years of our lives. Therefore, it is best to ensure that this time we spend in a really comfortable environment. In the market, you can find quilts with different properties: anti-allergic, holding heat, light, natural materials. However, very often when we make a purchase, we are faced with a difficult decision of choosing one of these characteristics. Quilts made of natural alpaca fiber are different – they met all of the most sophisticated criteria. It is especially recommended for allergy sufferers: alpaca fiber contains no lanolin which prevents the development of mites who love foam, polyester and down. It is also ideal for people who have feather or sheep’s wool allergies, and equally important, it does not require chemical treatment – you just wash it in ecological soap. All of this makes any allergy sufferer love the quilt, and in the morning, they will be rested and smiling. Natural alpaca fiber is also has thermo regulating properties. Those who have lived for centuries on the slopes the Andes are animals who have adapted both to the great frost, as well as multi-stage heat. As a result, their fleece is a miracle of nature – it is able to adapt to any temperature. After cutting the alpaca fleece which will be used to make our quilts, retain their thermoregulation properties that adapt to changes in temperature. Alpaca fiber does not retain moisture which gives a feeling of dryness. This property makes these quilts ideally suited to the needs of people with so-called night sweats. This wonderful product needs perfect hemming, so all of our quilts are made with great care. This makes them not only practical and comfortable, but also beautiful. We invite you to buy our quilts.

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