Oak Ridge
3 kwietnia 2021, Nowa Zelandia
Solid Light Brown
Sierra Vista Black Knight
Oak Ridge Moet
Color coat

Linia genetyczna: Australia – Nowa Zelandia

Wyniki z wystaw / nagrody

icon award
Best Brown Huacaya in Show
Judge Jude Anderson, Rangiora A & P Show 2022
icon award
Supreme Champion Brown Huacaya in Show
Judge Molly Gardner, Malvern Colour Show 2023
icon award
Champion Brown Huacaya – 83,5 (-2 for management)
New Zealand Royal Golden Fleece Exhibition 2024


Oak Ridge TaittingerSierra Vista Black Knight (Solid Black)Blue Grass Waterloo SunsetJolimont Warrior (Solid White)Jolimont Conquistador (Solid White)
Jolimont Marilu (Solid Medium Fawn)
Alpacos Park Ariel (Solid White)Alpacos Park Arequipa (Solid White)
Alpacos Park Malou (Solid White)
Alpacaspecialist Lantana (Solid Black)Coonawarra Elvis Presley (Solid Black)Coonawarra Julius (Solid Black)
Coonawarra Eleanor (Solid Dark Brown)
Bonnie Park Lana (Black)Merungle Lancelot (Solid Medium Fawn)
Coonawarra Lillianna (Medium Brown)
Oak Ridge Moet (Solid Medium Fawn)Oak Ridge Oliver (Solid White)Flowerdale Shackleton (Solid Medium Fawn)Jolimont Warrior (Solid White)
Shanbrooke Society Attraction (Solid Medium Fawn)
Oak Ridge Sophia (Solid White)Cedar House Amar (Solid Black)
Sherlin Chanelle (Dark Fawn)
Chelamar Eve (Medium Fawn)Coolaroo Rialto ET (Solid White)Andean Park Marco Polo (Solid White)
Coolaroo Queen Of The Desert (White)
Eringa Park Elega (Solid Dark Fawn)NWA Ltd Ruffo G4574 (White)
Eringa Park Eleganza (Solid Dark Brown)

Badanie runa



Oak Ridge Taittinger, samiec z Nowej Zelandii bardzo dobrze wpasowuje się w nasz program hodowlany i znakomicie uzupełni naszą stawkę reproduktorów.

A o to co napisał o nim jego hodowca:

Taittinger is a very well grown, true to type huacaya exhibiting excellent fineness and density, with incredibly low guard hair. His fleece displays an excellent architecture of well defined staples and is uniform both in micron & style. This impressive male is holding excellent fineness with his second fleece histogram coming in as follows –

15.1 MC, 3.0 SD, 20.2 CV, 6.1 CEM, 50.6 CRV, 100% CF.

He has had a great show career to date & his awards include Best Brown Huacaya in Show – Judge Jude Anderson, Rangiora A & P Show 2023, Supreme Champion Brown Huacaya in Show, Judge Molly Gardner, Malvern Colour Show 2024.

Taittinger’s sire Sierra Vista Black Knight needs little introduction. For his age he maintains excellent density, a high frequency fleece style, great luster and with a beautiful handle. A Sire of many Champions, many of his progeny have been exported to Europe, where they are performing well in European breeding programs.

Taittinger’s dam is Oak Ridge Moet. A favourite in the Oak Ridge herd, she is a fine example of what a high quality dam should be – displaying fineness, density all on an incredible phenotype. Sired by NZ National Supreme Champion – Oak Ridge Oliver, she is a very high quality female, and her progeny inevitably are either exported, or go on to be part of high quality breeding programs within NZ. As a testament to her quality, Moet’s 6th fleece histogram is as follows – 19.5 MC 4.0 SD, 20.5 CV, 7.4 CEM, 43.3 CRV, 99.2% CF.


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