We are pleased to offer you our males for mating who have unique, carefully selected genetic characteristics.

We are particularly proud of WIT White Willi who has an outstanding Peruvian ancestors, Maple Brook Nomar, and one of the most famous in the history of male breeding alpacas, Peruvian Bueno.

Thanks to these males, one of the best in Poland, we expect high-quality offspring.

If you were interested in the mating service, please contact us. We will provide you with the information on their availability and fees for coverage. Females are exclusively held on our farm where we have the appropriate conditions. We guarantee our visiting females and males maximum care in terms of biosecurity and comfort.

Our mating terms: Imported females for mating must be completely healthy, have up to date vaccinations, as well as being freshly and properly dewormed. For obvious reasons, we can not give a guarantee of live birth of foals. The success of delivery is dependent on many external factors on the side of the female owner. We can not guarantee your female fertility effective, but from our part, we will do our best.

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