Bounty Hunter’s ancestors

Alpaca pedigrees from the US encouraged me to delve into their history and refresh the history of males that gave rise to all American breeding.

Bounty Hunter among his ancestors has so many celebrities that I chose only a few of those who not only had the greatest impact on him but also on the entire breeding of alpacas in the USA.

Ancestors from his father’s side:

Majestic Meadow A Wanted Man – Bounty Hunter’s father, three-time champion and five-time vice champion (owned by SunStar Alpaca) – I think Bounty is very similar to him.


Jeremiah’s Peruvian Jumanji – grandfather – multi multichampion,




MFI Peruvian Jericho – greatgrandfather

Peruvian Black Mesquite (great-grandfather) born in 1999 (look how beautiful he is, despite the enormous breeding progress he still impresses with his appearance).

He left 446 registered offspring.

Ancestors from his mother’s side:

XXXtreme Eclipse – grandfather – seven times Color Champion and 4 times Judges Choice.

EL Nino’s Accoyo Michelangello (great-grandfather) –  245 offspring registered in the AOA, this number of offspring alone speaks about the quality of this male.

Snowmass XXXtreme  – one of the best colorful (that is not white) males in the world.

XXXtreme’s offspring have won 28 CHAMPION titles and 120 of them took one of the first 3 places in shows in 3 years!

PPERUVIAN CALIGULA (great-grandfather from his mother’s side)

A SHORT HISTORY OF ONE OF THE GREATEST CARS – PPERUVIAN CALIGULA (great-grandfather from his mother’s side)

(Fragment „Machos: Father’s family. Caligula Accoyo and Hemingwaya Cconchatanki” Mike’a Saffleya.)

Export from Peru in 1994 delivered the first Accoyo alpacas to the United States. Julio Barreda personally chose males for this export. This particular export was of exceptional quality. There were two Accoyo males; Caligula and Pluro.

Tom Hunt knew that Barreda favored Caligula, and when the coin toss was decided that he would choose first, he just chose Caligula as his best male.

Many years later, Barreda was asked why he sent some of his best males during the first export and said: “they were my calling card,” “I didn’t want anyone to forget Accoyo.”

Caligula died in 2003, with 203 registered descendants. His sons and daughters have won 17 major exhibitions in the USA.

Today Caligula’s offspring are in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and England.

Peruvian Accoyo EL Nino born  20 april 1998r – is a true legend, the greatest son of Caligula, he left 222 rejestered offspring.

2004 AOBA Get of Sire,

2005 Mapaca Get of Sire,

2005 AAA Futurity Herdsire of Year

Caligula’s Accoyo the Admiral – Caliguli’s second distinguished son


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